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Formerly known as the “Remember the Children: Bar/Bat Mitzvah Twinning” program, the Holocaust Center’s Remembering the Children B’nei Mitzvah Project is a special opportunity afforded to students who wish to remember and honor a person who experienced the Holocaust in their bar/bat mitzvah ceremony. Holocaust Center staff works with students and their families to help them discover and connect to a child that may or may not have survived the Holocaust, one who was never able to have a bar/bat mitzvah ceremony. Participants formally and meaningfully incorporate this person’s memory in to their ceremony, sharing the honor of their bar/bat mitzvah experience with the remembered child.

Students are required to complete a one-page reflection on their child’s life in relation to their own, touching on the themes of Jewish Identity, Responsibility, and a final theme of their choice (this could relate to a theme in their Torah portion or d’var Torah).

Participants also make a $36.00 donation to the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh, which allows us to fund educational programming for the community and for our local Holocaust survivors.

At your bar/bat mitzvah ceremony, your rabbi, a Holocaust survivor, or a community leader will formally present you with a certificate honoring both you and the child whose story you chose to preserve and share. During this brief presentation, we encourage you to tell your family and friends about your Remembrance and Reflection experience, why you decided to do so, what you learned, and share the story of the child you chose to honor.

Here are some certificates from past b’nei mitzvah projects:

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To participate in the Remembering the Children B’nei Mitzvah Project, families should submit an application and a $36 registration fee at least 6 weeks in advance. Click here to submit your $36 registration fee (write “Remembering the Children B’nei Mitzvah Project” in the comment field), and use the form below to submit your application.

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