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Waldman International: A Look Back with 2021 Virtual Winner’s Exhibit

An interview with Hal Waldman and virtual exhibit of 2021 winning pieces

Join us for this virtual experience to celebrate the winners of the 2020-2021 Waldman International Arts and Writing competition!

This year’s winning pieces will be featured in an online gallery for all to view. We will also be airing an interview with Hal Waldman, founder of the competition, as we mark 36 years of the program’s existence. Emily Bernstein, Education Outreach Associate, will interview Hal about how it has evolved over the years and what it has meant to generations of creative students.

The Waldman International Arts and Writing Competition allows students in grades 6-12 to compete for financial scholarship prizes. Categories vary from year to year, and have encompassed formats such as creative writing, essay, visual arts, and performing/film arts. Each year, a specific theme in Holocaust learning is set, encouraging students to incorporate research and firsthand accounts into their creative endeavors.