2018 Summer Teacher’s Institute

2018 Summer Teacher’s Institute: The Holocaust and the 21st Century

July 16-20, 2018
Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh (826 Hazelwood Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15217)

Our annual, week-long seminar addresses a variety of topics to help educators gain the knowledge to teach about the Holocaust more effectively. We bring in experts from around the country to share the latest research and tools with participating educators.

This year’s topics:

Nazi Propaganda and Media Literacy gives educators tools to help their students become savvy consumers of media in the age of online news sources;
America’s Response to the Holocaust discusses what Americans knew, and how they reacted in the face of the Holocaust. It will feature experts from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum discussing their newest exhibit on this topic;
International Perspectives on Remembrance examines how Holocaust education in America varies from that of other countries; laws in other countries that protect and/or jeopardize Holocaust remembrance;
Antisemitism and White Supremacy connects Nazi racial science to American eugenics and speaks to the impact of intergenerational trauma;
Multi-Media Survivor Testimony illustrates different ways to connect a 21st-century audience to survivors in a manner that is compelling and accessible to all;
Working with Families of Survivors discusses how to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive after the first-generation survivors are no longer with us to share their stories themselves.

The cost to attend is $200. This includes meals, a copy of Flares of Memory, copies of all three volumes of CHUTZ-POW!, Act 48 filing, and five days of expert speakers from across the country.

Some educators are eligible for a scholarship rate of $150 if they meet any of the following requirements:

  • Traveling farther than 25 miles to attend the Institute
  • Educators whose schools do not subsidize attendance (must also provide proof of no subsidy, such as a note from a principal, etc.)
  • Teen Screen educators

If you wish to register with the Scholarship Rate, please contact Christina Sahovey at csahovey@hcofpgh.org or 412-939-7289, and she will register you. Do not register yourself using the form.



This program made possible with generous support from the Sittsamer Fund for Teacher Training.