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Jews of the Somme


Local researcher Dr. David Rosenberg has spent years of his life dedicated to the Jewish community of the Somme region of France. He’s broken ground with his work, making previously unavailable documents about Jews during the Holocaust available to current residents of Amiens and to people worldwide. Through David’s work, we are able to see a microcosm of the rich Jewish life that was decimated by the Nazis., created by David and Lydia Rosenberg, is part of a multi-pronged initiative to bring to light the lives and fates of Jews in the Department of the Somme in the period from about 1920-1950 with the goal that their experiences should be acknowledged and not forgotten.

The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh previously displayed the exhibit around this work under the title “Rediscovering the Jews of Amiens”. David was featured during our 2020 Kristallnacht program, and we look forward to holding additional programs with David in 2021.