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CHUTZ-POW! Teacher’s Resource Guide

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The CHUTZ-POW! Superheroes of the Holocaust Teachers’ Resource Guide is designed to build context and provide foundational information for teachers teaching about the Holocaust.

• The Introduction provides background on the use of comic books to tell these stories and some guidelines for Holocaust educators.

Part 1 provides a comprehensive background of various topics and themes found in the CHUTZ-POW! series that can be used in conjunction with CHUTZ-POW! or on its own to provide a general context for teaching about the Holocaust.

Part 2 is a set of additional resources to be used alongside the provided lesson plans or as you develop your own.

Part 3 walks through a selected CHUTZ-POW! story (“Parallel Choices” – Vol. One) and pulls out topics and definitions presented in the guide.

Part 4 consists of five sample lesson plans and discussion questions for each story in the series that can be used in your classroom.

Incorporated throughout this resource guide are suggested/recommended books, articles, and other resources to further your understanding about foundational Holocaust-related topics.