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Legacy Events

The mission of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh is to connect the horrors of the Holocaust and antisemitism with injustices of today. As stewards of Holocaust history, we keep the stories of Holocaust survivors, victims, and rescuers alive for future generations, remembering the past, while building relationships across communities, endeavoring to end antisemitism, racism, and prejudice today.

One major pillar of our mission is remembrance work, which is achieved through maintaining and sharing the stories of local Holocaust survivors and descendants of survivors, as well as holding annual legacy events. These events have been a staple of the Holocaust Center’s programming since its earliest years. The first major program under the auspices of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh, established in 1980, was a Yom HaShoah commemoration, and Kristallnacht programs began in 1982.

Yom HaShoah


International Holocaust Remembrance Day