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Recordings of several of our past events are available on our YouTube channel.

Upcoming Programs

Generations Speaker Series: Susan Hawkins and Peter Robinson

Part 1: Tuesday, December 1, 3PM EST

Register for Part 1: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/generations-speaker-series-susan-hawkins-and-peter-robinson-part-1-tickets-126138486609

Part 2: Thursday, December 3, 3PM EST

Register for Part 2: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/generations-speaker-series-susan-hawkins-and-peter-robinson-part-2-tickets-126138841671

This pre-recorded Holocaust Center doc will air in two parts. Part 1 airs Tuesday, December 1, 3pm and Part 2 airs Thursday, December 3, 3pm.

Susan Robinson Hawkins and Peter Robinson are the children of two Holocaust survivors from Hungary and the Ukraine. Together, sister and brother tell the story of their parents’ loss and survival through concentration camps, hiding and emigration. Susan discusses her own journey of traveling back to Hungary and the Ukraine years later, and her experience retracing some of the places where her family lived. We are pleased to have Peter join us for his first Generations speaking engagement, as he shares alongside Susan about his parents and his life as a young immigrant.

About Peter Robinson: Peter Robinson was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1947 and came to the US in 1950. He is married and worked as a Salesforce platform administrator/developer.

About Susan Hawkins: Susan Robinson Hawkins was born in 1954 in Bethlehem, PA. She came to Pittsburgh in 1970 at the age of 16 to begin college at CMU as a violin major.

Graduating with a degree in Psychology and after 2 jobs in research at CMU and University of Pittsburgh, she returned to school to become a Physician Assistant. She worked for the department of surgery at St. Francis Hospital (now Children’s Hospital) and was the first faculty member of Physician Assistant programs at Duquesne University (3 years) and Chatham University (24 years), where she is a Faculty Emerita.

She currently works as a Wellness Counselor, having maintained a 100 lb weight loss for over 10 years.

She is married to Steve Hawkins, an architect in Squirrel Hill and the former Squirrel Hill columnist for Shady Avenue Magazine. She has 4 daughters: a cartoon artist, a piano technician and rock percussionist, a medical student, and a psychology student.

She enjoys cooking, hiking, helping others, playing games and doing home work-outs sponsored by the JCC in Pittsburgh.

Conversations Series: Kevin Mosley

Thursday, December 10, 2020, 3PM EST

Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/conversations-series-kevin-mosley-tickets-129896244163

Our ongoing “Conversations” series features community members having a dialogue with Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh director Dr. Lauren Apter Bairnsfather.

About Kevin Mosley: Kevin Mosley is a writer/ public speaker/consultant on Race, Black History, Policing and Diversity Equity & Inclusion in America. His 20 years of experience as a member of the Pennsylvania State Police where he served as a Use of Force Firearms Instructor, Drug Interdiction officer trained by the DEA and Crash Reconstructionist provided a deep understanding of the intersections of race, policing and oppression in America.

He spent the last 7 years traveling throughout the southern United States attending conferences associated with significant Civil Rights anniversary events and African American culture and history museums and archives conducting research for a book on pushing back against false narratives on race and ethnicity in America.

He holds a BS in Nuclear Medicine Technology with a minor in HealthCare Management from Siena Heights University and a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University.