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Life and Legacy

What will your legacy be?

Your ongoing generosity in supporting our organization is deeply appreciated. But did you know that you can give a gift that can make a difference for generations to come?

Through a gift to the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh in your will, trust, retirement account, or life insurance policy, you can leave a legacy of standing up to antisemitism and fighting hatred. Your gift will be used to make sure future generations never forget the horrors of the Holocaust and the danger of unchecked violence and hate. Your gift could make the difference in finally creating a world free of hatred and antisemitism.

Your gift can be funded during your lifetime or distributed from your estate.

To learn more about making the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh part of your legacy, or if you have already included the Center in your planning, please contact Lauren Bairnsfather at

If you are ready to start now, click here to complete the Declaration of Intent online or print Life and Legacy Declaration of Intent and return it to the Center, attn: Lauren Bairnsfather.

What will your legacy be?

Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh Legacy Donors

Dan Askin
Lauren Bairnsfather
Arlene and Jeff Berg
Robert and Elaine Bielski
Tanya Bielski Braham
Barbara and David Burstin
Linda and Sanford Ehrenreich
Cheryl Cieply Garber
Rebecca Jacobson
Roy Jacobson
Alison Karabin
Dr. Manuel D. Reich
Harry and Patty Schneider
Hershele Schwartz
Lisa Silberman
David L. Smiga
William Stein
Debbie Winn-Horvitz
Paul Guggenheimer
Beverly Brinn
Debbie Stueber
Ryan Woodward
Brian Sierkowski
Jackie Reese
Marcel Walker
Christopher Bairnsfather
Lewis Braham
Isaac Munro
Laurie Moser
Jan Barkley

“It is a great honor and privilege for us to commit a gift to the Life and Legacy of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh. As Christians, we always want to stand with and bless God’s special, Covenant people, as it says in Genesis 12:3 – “I will bless them that bless thee.” We always desire that our lives show forth mercy and compassion to the afflicted and downtrodden, no matter who they are. We always stand against hatred and intolerance in all forms. We could not think of a better institution to which we could leave a legacy.” -Jeff and Arlene Berg

“The educational mission of the Holocaust Center is immeasurably enriched by the participation of Holocaust Survivors. Our parents and grandparents speak with a moral leadership that cannot be equaled. But as we look to the future, we know that they have a finite time with us. It’s critically important that their stories be preserved and continue to be told. As the descendants of survivors, we have a responsibility to extend their message into the future. We gave to the Life & Legacy program to secure our Jewish Legacy!” -Jeff and Rebecca Jacobson

“My commitment to Life and Legacy and specifically the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh is pretty simple. I’m a child of Holocaust survivors and I want to be sure that programs at the Center carry on their legacy and millions of others’ to ensure that history is not forgotten. I strongly believe that education is the answer to making this world a better place.” -Deborah Leuchter Stueber