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Published works by local Survivors and the Generations community

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A Hidden Child in Greece : Rescue in the Holocaust

Yolanda Avram Willis (z”l)

Flares of Memory: Stories of Childhood During the Holocaust

Edited by Anita Brostoff

Conceived and Developed by Shelila Chamovitz

How Beautiful We Once Were: A Remembrance of the Holocaust and Beyond

By Marga Silberman Randall (z”l)

Threads in Time Unbroken

By Marga Silberman Randall (z”l)

Marga Silbermann Randall Papers

By and about Marga Silberman Randall (z”l)

The Holocaust in the Painting of Valentin Lustig

By Edith Balas

Bird in Flight: Memoir of a Survivor and Scholar

By Edith Balas

Perseverance: One Holocaust Survivor’s Journey from Poland to America

By Melvin Goldman (z”l) and Lee Goldman Kikel

Jack Sittsamer Papers

By and about Jack Sittsamer (z”l)

In the Shadow of Majdanek. Hiding in Full Sight: A Holocaust Survival Story

By Irene R. Skolnick

Escape and Return: Memories from Nazi Germany

By Fritz Ottenheimer (z”l)

Outrage and Hope

By Solange Lebovitz

Rachamim: From Darkness into Light

By Ray Naar, Ph.D. (z”l)

Published works about local Survivors and the Generations community

CHUTZ-POW! Superheroes of the Holocaust (Series)

Thirty Years, Thirty Stories: Remembrance, Commemoration, and Education through Three Decades at the Holocaust Center

From Pittsburgh to Poland: Lessons of the Holocaust

After the Holocaust: The Migration of Polish Jews and Christians to Pittsburgh

By Barbara Burstin, PhD

German Jews and Migration to the United States, 1933-1945

Edited by Andrea A. Sinn and Andreas Heusler

Published works by local scholars

Jewish Pittsburgh (Images of America)

By Barbara Burstin, PhD

Sophie: The Incomparable Mayor Masloff

By Barbara Burstin, PhD

Steel City Jews: A History of Pittsburgh and Its Jewish Community, 1840-1915 

By Barbara Burstin, PhD

Steel City Jews – In Prosperity, Depression and War 1915-1950

By Barbara Burstin, PhD

America and the Holocaust

Written by Barbara Burstin, PhD

Illustrated by Frederick H. Carlson

By the Waters of Babylon

Created by Andrew Halasz and Kristen Lauth Shaeffer

Featuring the Clarion Quartet