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Dismantling Antisemitism Project

Who are Jewish people? What is antisemitism, and where does it come from? Why did the Holocaust happen? 

At the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh, we teach about the Holocaust with the goal of helping people comprehend its root causes. Understanding antisemitism is a critical part of this work. 

One way we work to fulfill this part of our mission is through trainings for teachers, students, community groups, and DEI practitioners. This offering—which ranges from a 1.5-2 hour session to a full-day workshop—builds capacity for participants to understand what antisemitism is, how it affects Jewish and non-Jewish people, and what we can do about it. 

We offer free sessions for educators and students (high school and degree-seeking university level) and request an honorarium from all other groups on a sliding scale. However, no one will be turned away for lack of funds.