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Henny Sinding and the Gerda III: A one-night-only public program


July 3


12:47 am - 12:47 am

An inspiring story of Jewish rescue in Denmark during the Holocaust.

Free and open to the public; registration is required in advance.

This event will take place live on Zoom and will not be recorded.

In partnership with the Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic, Connecticut, the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh invites you to visit Mystic Harbor!

Mystic Seaport volunteer, researcher, and author Howard Veisz will speak live on Zoom about Gerda III, a wooden lighthouse tender built in 1926 to re-supply offshore lighthouses along the Danish coast. During the Nazi occupation of Denmark in World War II, the Gerda III took on precious cargo: clandestine groups of Jewish refugees that she transported to freedom.

Howard will share the story of Henny Sinding, who, at 22 years old, played a pivotal role in planning and carrying out the Gerda III’s rescue missions. Together with the boat’s heroic four-man crew and a university-based resistance group with which she joined forces, Henny made Gerda III one of the leading vessels in a fleet of hundreds of fishing boats and other craft that collectively saved nearly 95% of Denmark’s Jewish population.

Today, Gerda III is believed to be one of only three Danish rescue boats still afloat, and has been restored to her wartime appearance. We are excited to take you aboard and share her extraordinary story.