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Books on the Armenian Genocide

Revolution and genocide: On the Origins of the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust (1992)
by Robert Melson
ISBN-13: 978-0226519913

Armenian Village Life before 1914 (1982)
by Susie Hoogasian Villa and Mary Kilbourne Villa
ISBN-13: 978-0814317006

The Burning Tigris: The Armenian Genocide and America’s Response (2003)
by Peter Balakian
ISBN-13: 978-0060198404

“They Can Live in the Desert but Nowhere Else”: A History of the Armenian Genocide (2017)
by Ronald Grigor Suny
ISBN-13: 978-0691175966

Armenian Golgotha: A Memoir of the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1918 (2010)
by Grigoris Balakian
ISBN-13: 978-1400096770

The Thirty-Year Genocide: Turkey’s Destruction of Its Christian Minorities, 1894–1924 (2019)
by Benny Morris
ISBN-13: 978-0674916456

Sad Days of Light (Carnegie Mellon Classic Contemporary Series: Poetry) (1993)
by Peter Balakian
ISBN-13: 978-0887481604

The Armenian Genocide: A Complete History (2011)
by Raymond Kévorkian
ISBN-13: 978-1848855618 

Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story: A Personal Account of the Armenian Genocide (2017)
by Henry Morgenthau
ISBN-13: 978-1521766200

Surviving the Forgotten Genocide: An Armenian Memoir (2020)
by John Minassian
ISBN-13: 978-1538133705

Grit and Grace in a World Gone Mad: Humanitarianism in Talas, Turkey 1908-1923 (2018)
by Wendy Elliott
ISBN-13: 978-1909382442