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Almost a decade ago, in honor of our 30th anniversary, the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh created a 2 disc documentary, The Holocaust Testimony Project. We are thrilled to share that now, in honor of our 40th anniversary, the project is available in its entirety on our YouTube channel.

We are so grateful to Iris Samson, Dr. Edie Naveh, David Cohen, and everyone else who created this timeless treasure for us to continue to learn from now and in the future.


Funders of Part 1: Giant Eagle Foundation, Jewish Community Foundation of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

The Holocaust Testimony Project Part 1 (Full)

A Bowl of Soup: Sam Gottesman

Resistance: Moshe Baran

Returning to the Fatherland: Fritz Ottenheimer

Mengele’s Girls: Esther Haas

The Bar Mitzvah Boy: Sam Weinreb

Liberation: Raymond Bartolo

The Double Life: Les Banos

A Hidden Child: Yolanda Avram Willis

Life in Lodz: Irene Furst


Funders of Part 2: Buhl Foundation, Eden Hall Foundation, Elsie Hillman Foundation, Fine Foundation, Grable Foundation, Local Anonymous Donor

The Holocaust Testimony Project Part 2 (Full)

Voyage of the Damned: Dr. Frederick Reif

The Eternal Light: Ernie Light

Hidden at Birth: Shulamit Bastacky

Bergen Belsen: Judah Samet

Escape to Siberia: Harry Schneider

A Greek Tragedy: Dr. Ray Naar

Charlie Battery: Herb Mandel

The French Contradiction: Solange Lebovitz