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In Celebration of Life: The Living Legacy Project

These are the faces of Holocaust survivors who currently live in the Pittsburgh area. In 2015 and 2016, staff members of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh and photographer Ryan Michael White visited with Pittsburgh’s Holocaust Survivors and documented their stories.

In Celebration of Life: Living Legacy Project reflects the fundamental mission of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh, granting us the opportunity to commemorate and honor Pittsburgh survivors. It enables us to connect with members of our own community on a very intimate and personal level. In Celebration of Life: Living Legacy Project is an opportunity to celebrate the deep, powerful connection that we have with these very special people, local citizens who survived unspeakable hardship many years ago to be here in Pittsburgh with us today.

Celebrating the inspiring, and heartbreaking journeys of survivors like the individuals pictured here is one of the reasons the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh was founded. We are thrilled to be able to share with you their faces and voices here.


Original Panels

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2019 Panel Update: Women’s Stories

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Video Testimony

Compilation video-

Leon Metzler-

Judah Samet-

Solange Lebovitz-

Walter Boninger-

Irene Skolnick-