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The wait is finally over! Just in time for the holidays, CHUTZ-POW! Volume IV is available for purchase. You can buy it here:

Book Description: In its bold fourth installment, CHUTZ-POW! SUPERHEROES OF THE HOLOCAUST, VOLUME FOUR: WOMEN’S STORIES focuses on the true narratives of six people – Frieda Belinfante, Margaret Bergmann Lambert, Audrey hepburn, Noor Inayat Khan a.k.a. Nora Baker, Hedwig “Hedy” Strnad, and Simone Veil – that illustrate the unique struggles and triumphs faced by women during the Holocaust. An inclusive team of writers and artists depicts these wide-ranging stories from multiple perspectives. Veteran contributors Vince Dorse, Yona Harvey, M.L. Walker, Wayne Wise, and Mark Zingarelli are joined by newcomers Lewis Braham, Erica Chan, Yang Zhen Lee, Ann Uland, and Birdie Willis in telling fact-based stories that defy the expectations of conventional superhero comic books.

CHUTZ-POW! Vols I-III are also available on Amazon at this link

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Click here to learn more about the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh’s CHUTZ-POW! project and the award-winning team of creatives behind it.