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Your vote is your voice. As Sydney Busis (z”l), former chairman and one of the founders of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh once said:

“We think of voting…as a way of life. We grew up with this concept and we just assume it is going to continue in the years ahead. However, we cannot take the democratic process for granted. We cannot presume that law and order, as we know it, will carry on and on….

The Holocaust has taught us that a legitimate government in our western society can pass laws—vicious laws—that lead to imprisonment, torture, murder and annihilation of a people based upon their religious beliefs or ethnic origin.

We, as Americans, must be constantly alert and must be fully aware of events occurring about us—no matter how minuscule or innocuous they may seem—events or pronouncements that foment hate and might and could lead to the denial of rights to segments of our population. 

We must be ready to respond to these challenges; and if we cannot personally respond, we must support those organizations and institutions that can respond.”

In this spirit, the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh is proud to share these nonpartisan civic resources:

Resources for voting in Pennsylvania:

Voting outside of Pennsylvania? Visit to find all the resources you need for voting in your state.