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The 2019-2020 theme of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh is The Holocaust Through a Local Lens. But what does that mean?

Using a “local lens” can be interpreted in four ways:

1.     Connecting local history with events of national and global significance.

2.     Contextualizing historical thinking and engaging in self-reflection.

3.     Engaging with the past through a familiar environment.

4.     History living beyond the textbook.

This topic is purposefully broad, to allow everyone to engage creatively with a variety of stories and personal histories within the history of the Holocaust while reflecting on the present. We look forward to the way this program theme will allow us to engage with students, schools, and communities.

The Local Lens theme was first conceived prior to the events of October 27. October 27 marks the largest antisemitic attack in US history, which claimed the lives of eleven worshippers. The massacre occurred in the Pittsburgh community and and has since heavily influenced our work. We hope that having this conversation can facilitate action and healing in our communities.