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Outrage and Hope

“OUTRAGE and HOPE”, her first book of poetry, expresses the pathos of Holocaust survivors, and is a testimony for future generations to accept the challenge to eradicate prejudice and antisemitism.

Listen to Solange reading her poetry:

CHUTZ-POW! Superheroes of the Holocaust

Solange is featured in CHUTZ-POW! Volume III: The Young Survivors. Published in 2018, this third volume tells the stories of men and women who survived the Holocaust as children. Some were invisible, hidden children who stayed out of sight. Others were visible, hidden children who assumed a false identity and had to learn new customs and new names. Some children survived concentration camps and ghettos, while others were able to escape with their families intact. Heroes emerge in each story – a mother who acquired false papers for her family against the wishes of her husband; another mother who stood up to Nazi guards to protect her children; non-Jewish families who took in Jewish children, risking their own lives.