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Perseverance: One Holocaust Survivor’s Journey from Poland to America

Melvin Goldman seemed to be a typical successful American, living with his family in Squirrel Hill, a multicultural Pittsburgh neighborhood with a large Jewish population. There, he turned his craftsmanship as a jewelry designer into a profitable business, and maintained a rosy outlook on life and a generous view of his fellow man. It may seem like a common story, but it is far from it. In the decade before his arrival in the United States in 1950, Mieczyslaw Goldman saw his home destroyed, his family torn apart, his health ruined, and nearly everyone he had ever known murdered in the death camps of the Third Reich. His survival of the years in the ghetto and Auschwitz, his long and slow recovery, and his attainment of a somewhat normal life are miraculous. Perhaps even more miraculous is his refusal to let his experience destroy his faith in God or his love for humanity. Told in his own words from audio recording he made decades later, and supplemented with his daughter’s memories of their happy life in Pittsburgh, this is a story which no reader will ever forget.