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Looking to the Future

In 2018, when Pittsburgh became the location of the deadliest antisemitic attack in the history of the United States, we at the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh knew that our organization had more to do. We saw a need to shift the focus of our teaching from the specificity of the Holocaust to encompass the long history of antisemitism. 

The nature and background of this horrifying attack, spurred in part by a racist anti-immigrant agenda, also showed us the need to teach about how hatred in all its forms is inextricably intertwined. We have thus expanded our programming to speak more broadly to the connections between the Holocaust, antisemitism, and other forms of identity-based violence.

As part of these efforts, the Center is investing in the LIGHT Education Initiative; expanding awareness of our CHUTZ-POW! Comic book series; and strengthening partnerships with diverse communities in the area also dedicated to fighting identity-based hate. 

Most notably, in 2021 we relocated to Chatham University, which has become our academic home. The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh is also now part of the new Tree of Life. Learn more at