The Holocaust was an event that, to this day, is difficult to understand, interpret and teach. Middle and high school students often struggle to relate to the topic, because they are so far removed from it. The Holocaust Center strives to transform the traditional model of lecture-based Holocaust education into an interactive learning experience. On June 26, 2014, Governor Tom Corbett signed a Holocaust and Genocide Education Bill into Pennsylvania state law. Act 70 of 2014 strongly recommends that schools include content about the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights in the curriculum for grades six through 12. The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh is the region’s primary resource for Holocaust education and Act 70 training. If you are a teacher who wants to learn more about the Holocaust and earn Act 48 credits, join us at our upcoming teacher trainings! 

Teacher Training: Teaching Partisan Resistance

Thursday, July 16, 2020, 1pm


Learn to engage and inspire students by teaching about the 30,000 Jews who fought back against the Nazis and their collaborators as Jewish partisans. During this unit, Teaching with the Motion Picture Defiance, teachers will learn to use the film Defiance starring Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber, to explore History, Leadership, Ethics, and Values.

Teacher Training: Using Survivor Testimony

Friday, July 24, 2020, 10am-12pm


In the early 1990s, renowned Holocaust testimony expert Lawrence Langer conducted over 80 hours of interviews with Holocaust survivors residing in Brookline, Masachusetts. For over 20 years, they sat in a metal closet, waiting to be edited and produced into something usable for education purposes. Finally, in 2016, experienced producer R. Harvey Bravman was tasked with digitizing and directing a feature length film out of the tapes. He painstakingly worked through the testimony to produce a film, Soul Witness, that eloquently spoke to their experiences.  In late 2019, the film premiered in Pittsburgh to raise funds for the 3 congregations affected by the shooting here on October 27, 2018. In this teacher training, Harvey will be talking with teachers about best practices for using survivor testimony to teach the Holocaust, drawing on specific examples from Soul Witness. Act 48 credit is available.

Teacher Training: Creating an Emotionally Honest Classroom

Monday, July 27, 2020, 9am-12pm


2018 Holocaust Educator of the Year Nick Haberman will lead this training around creating an emotionally honest classroom. Educators will discuss best practices for developing a safe space to talk about Holocaust history and the connections to the difficult and necessary topics that 2020 has introduced into the conversation. Teachers will brainstorm ways to use this space to cultivate leadership opportunities for students, and Nick will introduce examples of his own from his work leading the Light Education Initiative. Part of the session will also build on the previous teacher training on using survivor testimony, thinking about best practices for ensuring students respect the experience and narratives of Holocaust survivors as they view it through their own lens.