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Thank you for your interest in The White Rose online play experience. Tickets and details are now available for all events.

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The White Rose Play
(Sunday, April 24-Sunday, May 8)
$10; recorded, watch on-demand

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The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh and Prime Stage Theatre are proud to offer this original play production, available exclusively for on-demand, online streaming. Tickets are $10.

In the summer of 1942, leaflets calling for resistance against the Nazi regime began appearing around the city of Munich, Germany. They were found in the mail and left on trains and buses, in phone booths and theater lobbies, and in and around the university. Soon they began appearing in other cities around the country. This was one of the very first overt resistance movements against the Nazi regime, acts which, at a time of war, were considered high treason.

The group responsible for these leaflets called itself The White Rose. Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans, and their friends Christoph Probst, Alexander Schmorell, Willie Graf – college students – and Professor Kurt Huber were the driving forces behind The White Rose. This group, synonymous with resistance against nazism, is the subject of this remarkable play by James DeVita.

This program was made possible thanks to generous support from Jewish Women’s Foundation of Greater Pittsburgh, The Fine Foundation, Jack Buncher Foundation, and The Philip Chosky Charitable and Educational Foundation.

The Legacy of The White Rose: A Global Conversation
(Sunday, April 24, 1pm)

This event has now passed. The recording will become available on our YouTube channel the first week of May.

The true story of the German student group The White Rose has captured imaginations for years. Books, film, television shows, and other media have depicted the story of the Scholl siblings and their friends, providing a model of bravery and resistance in the face of evil.

This free online kickoff event for The White Rose will feature a discussion between director Art DeConciliis, artist Marcel Walker, and writer Wayne Wise, all of whom have told the story of the White Rose through artistic media.

These creatives will discuss the process of depicting The White Rose, why it continues to inspire audiences, and the importance of sharing the story with future generations. The conversation will be hosted by Dr. Lauren Bairnsfather, Director of the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh, and Dr. Wayne Brinda, Artistic Director of Prime Stage Theatre.

For Classrooms

The White Rose Student Matinee
(Sunday April 24th – Sunday May 8th)

Prices vary by classroom size; recorded, watch on-demand

Student matinee performances are available to stream at any time during the streaming period noted. The shows may be stopped and started as needed in order to view it during multiple class periods. Virtual performances include an option for closed captioning.

Student matinees also come with a Teacher’s Resource Guide put together by Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh and Prime Stage Theatre educational staff.

There are a few options for purchasing tickets to the student matinee:

  • Option 1: Register through Prime Stage Theatre’s general Student Matinee registration page. This option is best for schools that wish to be invoiced.
  • Option 2: Register through AnywhereSeat. This option is best for schools that have a payment method on hand.
  • Option 3: Register to participate in Global Classroom on May 4 (High School) or May 5 (Middle School). The program takes place 8:30-10AM ET on both days. Schools that participate in Global Classroom will receive access to the student matinee and resources free of charge. Please note that the number of participants is limited, so interested schools should register ASAP!

Up to 50 viewers: $100
51-100 viewers: $200
101-200 viewers: $300
200+ viewers: inquire for pricing

The White Rose Global Classroom
May 4th (High School) or May 5th (Middle School), 8:30-10AM ET
Free; Live on Zoom

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The Prime Stage Global Classroom is a program that offers a unique interactive opportunity for high
school students around the world to connect with students in different cultures and share ideas, experiences, and discuss genocide awareness through the power of theater. This annual program is presented in partnership with the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh.

We use video conferencing technology to connect schools in multiple locations; allowing students to “meet” virtually and talk to students they would never have encountered in their everyday lives. Participants can attend public or private schools, cyber schools, or home school — anywhere an Internet connection is available. All classrooms/students have access to watch the production prior to the Global Classroom discussion. The Global Classroom experience is free to participants through the support of Prime Stage partners and grants.

For more information, please email John Dolphin at