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Waldman International Awards Ceremony

The Waldman International Arts and Writing Competition allows students in grades 6-12 to submit original art and compete for academic scholarships. There are categories in creative writing, visual arts, and short film. The theme for the 2017-2018 was Children in the Holocaust, 1933-1945.

Participants come from across Allegheny County, and we also receive submissions from students in Israel. Israeli winners are brought to Pittsburgh to meet American winners and tour the city.

Please join us as we honor this year’s winning student artists. During the ceremony, we will also be honoring the 2017-2018 Holocaust Educator of the Year.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 6:30pm
East End Cooperative Ministry (6140 Station St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206)
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Holocaust Educator of the Year: Nicholas Haberman

Winning Artists

Visual Arts
Middle School
First Place: Butterfly Catcher- Noah Lewis
Second Place: Silence – Emma Turnbull
Third Place: Pieces- Sheina Ehven

Honorable Mention: Only Once – Jacob Schneiderman

High School
First Place: Sculpture – Emily Helman
Second Place: Flower of Hope – Lauren Lucas
Third Place: Reduced to Objects – Makenna Fink

Honorable mention: One Last Hug – Andrea Holber

First Place: The Trauma of Childhood During the Holocaust – Paz Rozen
Second Place: Hide-and-Seek – Omer Maytav
Third Place: Children’s Game – Yam Benedick

Middle School
First Place: Together at Last – Mushka Altein
Second Place: Jude, Hidden in Amsterdam – Shaina Hashimi
Third Place: Singing to Death – Rachel Bunce

High School
First Place: Poem – Rivky Davidson
Second Place: An Acrostic Series of Haikus About the Experience of Rene Zuroff – Aharon Shollar
Third Place: The Dark of My Eyes – Bina Harlig

First Place: Little Leaf – Ofek Asaraf
Second Place: Kid of Life – Yarden Noymark
Third Place: Layers of Pain – Noga Moscovitz

Short Film

First Place: Ruth’s Story – Gil Hasid
Second Place (tie): Ata Imadi – Alina Simkin
Second Place (tie) Down the Road – Noga Ran
Third Place: Not Every German Was a Nazi – Roee Levy

The Waldman International Arts and Writing Competition is a partnership between Film Pittsburgh, Classrooms Without Borders, and P2G: Partnership2Gether